The new Volvo S40 vs. S80

At first glance, the changes in the shape and design of the updated family Volvo S40 are “cosmetic” in nature, but they are quite significant.
With the advent of the updated family of Volvo S40 the difference between this model and Volvo S80 have changed, because the Swedes hit on all the flanks in the battle for the consumer. They seriously upgraded compact model, pulling it to the level of the flagship Volvo S80.
Volvo cars are traditionally renowned for safety. Updated S40 is no exception. Last year, Volvo acquired a little advanced WHIPS system which saves passengers from whiplash injuries. As for the front of airbag S40 they are with a twist: depending on the strength of the collision smart sensor orders cushions inflate either completely or by 70%.
Another non-trivial boundary safety of new S40 is the standardized system child seat anchorage (ISOFIX), greatly facilitates its installation in the vehicle. By the way, Volvo is the world’s first automaker, which produces child safety seat with ISOFIX system, which is installed against the direction of movement of the machine.
If we talk about the latest salon S40, there is the same quality factor and elegance as in the company’s top models. In fact, the little Volvo copied its senior fellow. So it is unlikely there will be clients dissatisfied with the quality of finish or ergonomics.