Volvo S60: beauty and power

Volvo S60 is a chic representative of sedans in D-class, produced in 2000. The premiere of an improved model was held in March 2010 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was the last debut which presented Volvo S60 as a sporty model.
The car platform is from Volvo S80 and Volvo XC60. There is a more advanced stabilization system – special sensors detect the degree of skidding and activate the traction control system, allowing easy control the vehicle even in the most abrupt maneuvers.
A suddenly appeared pedestrian will no longer be the cause of the accident, thanks to Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake. The system will warn you about human intimacy, and if you ignore this warning, braking will be done automatically.
Comfortable S60 saloon is the most convenient for both driver and passenger – clear console, “pockets” and shelves, a combination of instruments – everything is at arm’s length. The seats of a special form are not only convenient for the car owner, but also serve as protection against whiplash and side impacts.
The integrated infotainment system includes audio and navigation system, mobile phone, 5 or 7-inch screen will not allow anyone to get bored. The screen is located on the center console and allows to watch the road, not being distracted by the figures or images on it. Volvo S60 is a model with petrol and diesel engines from 1.6 to 3 liters. Transmission in all cases is 6-speed.